OXI Group Formula

With our OXI Group Formula Promotion you can really evaluate all the possible variables for creating your keyboard, so you’ll be sure to choose the right one.
The tailored keyboard solutions allow you to choose a reliable supplier.

Oxigroup Formula®

Check out our convenient OxiGroup Formula Promotion!
The plan is comprised of 8 clear and simple points and has already met with considerable success. Discover the importance of having an organised keyboard supplier for your business.
Contact us and we will be happy to elaborate on our “zero risk” promotion with you.

3d Project Development

based on the customer’s concept, before sending the offer

24-Month Warranty

compared with the 12 normally offered by the market

For Premium Products

total reimbursement of equipment costs after the first 1,000 items invoiced

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Are you looking for the latest-generation keyboards tailored to your project?

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