Membrane keyboards

OXI Group manufactures and customises adhesive resistive keyboards, with rigid support, backlighting, made of silicon rubber, with mechanical keys and stainless steel clicks.

Resistive Technology

Membrane keyboards are still an excellent solution today for all those applications that require a low profile, tactile feedback, graphic customisation and a low cost.

The structure of membrane keyboards is made of polyester film and double-sided adhesives that guarantee assembly as well as resistance to inclement weather, moisture and heat.

The flexible circuit is made using silkscreen deposition of conductive inks that guarantee its operation with low electrical resistances and excellent flexibility.

OXI Group guarantees checks and controls at every stage of the production process in order to offer an excellent quality, extremely high performing product.


Thanks to use of the best double-sided adhesives on the market, adhesive keyboards can be applied directly by customers onto any type of surface.
In order to help its customers apply the keyboards perfectly, OXI GROUP sends a technical document with an illustration of the correct bonding phases in order to avoid any damage.

  • Metal dome keyboards

  • Bubble keyboards

Metal dome keyboards

In metal dome keyboards, the tactile effect is obtained by inserting a metal dome with a switch function between the layers.

This type of keyboard produces the classic click when the key connects; the sensation produced when the dome closes is effectively transmitted to the operator (even if wearing protective gloves), meaning that the metal dome solution is particularly well suited in keyboards used in industrial environments.

They can be made with integrated LEDs and have various electrical connections: female connector with 2.54 pitch, graphite contacts for Molex or Zif.

Bubble keyboards

In bubble keyboards, the keys – represented by polyester film – are preformed using appropriate equipment, thus creating the characteristic “bubble” shape. The tactile sensation of the bubbles can be more or less soft according to the customer’s needs; in addition, because they are raised, the end user will find the keys easily identifiable and use of the keyboard intuitive.

The bubble solution is recommended for applications that require low activation force. They can be produced with integrated LEDs and have various electrical connections: female connectors with 2.54 pitch, graphite contacts for Molex or Zif.

Rigid Support

Keyboards with support are easy for the customer to assemble because they are fitted with every type of fastener pin for mounting boards or displays; they can be supplied with sealing gaskets, mousses, etc.





The aluminium support is made by our mechanical department with CNC machines that allow us to supply panels through special processes such as milling to obtain frames that make the finished product unique and of the highest aesthetic quality.

The aluminium panel can be supplied with various surface treatments: oxidation, painting, alodine, shot peening, etc.

Keyboards with support can be fitted with a touch screen, display or other devices.


Just as with aluminium, keyboards can be produced with milled plastic supports, creating special frames that give the product a remarkable aesthetic effect.

This technology can be adopted for small quantities to avoid high mould costs.

We can supply keyboards on supports that are manufactured by us or by the customer, supplied in c/o assembly work.


Keyboards with vetronite support are made of FR4 with thicknesses from 0.3 to 3.2 mm, with tin/lead or nickel/gold contacts. It is possible to apply any type of threaded insert for further fixing on thicknesses from 1.6 to 3.2 mm.

Lesser thicknesses can be made adhesive by using the best double-sided adhesives on the market, which are easy to apply to any sort of base. These keyboards are particularly well suited when it is necessary to mount passive, active, optoelectronic devices, connectors, etc. directly on the keyboard.

Keyboards with FR4 support can also be supplied complete with touch screens or other pointing devices.


Make your keyboard bright and easier to use

In addition to making the product more aesthetically pleasing, backlit keys are ideal in low light conditions and simplify use of the user interface, ensuring immediate visual feedback.

Choose the backlighting system that best fits your needs

  • Led

  • El Lamp


The use of LEDs is a simple, economical and effective way to backlight the keyboards. The advantages of this method are:

Lighting with an intensity chosen by the customer and the possibility regulate via a special circuit

Low power consumption; LEDs require low power compared with other lighting systems, work at low voltage and do not generate electrical disturbance

Colours available (red, blue, green, yellow, white) let you vary the colour at will, allowing easier and faster customisation

El Lamp

EL (electroluminescent) lamps consists of a polyester sheet that is printed with phosphorus and zinc sulphide based inks that emit light when an alternating voltage is applied.

The main advantages of this technology are the homogeneity of light diffusion, absence of heat emission, low energy consumption, and flexibility.

The technological improvements of the inks used now means that EL lamps are guaranteed an increasingly longer life; however, we advise against using them in any applications where the light source must be constant and permanent over time. The average life of the EL lamps we produce is estimated to be around 10,000 hours.

Stainless Steel Click Keyboards

Stainless steel click keyboards feature a frontpiece made of a single stainless steel sheet with no interstices between the keys, ideal for situations where the priorities are ease of cleaning (food sector), resistance to chemical/organic agents and hydrocarbons, and in those applications where heavy wear is expected.

Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber keyboards are entirely designed by the OXI Group technical department which uses 3D software to create the production lines directly. Colours, treatments, hardness of the rubber and aesthetic finishes are chosen with customers and transmitted to our partners for manufacturing of the product.

OXI Group takes care of all the quality controls and, through its equipment, can provide the customer with the guarantee that all the technical parameters are respected, fully meeting project specifications.

This technology provides special tactile feedback and makes it possible to produce large quantities.

Siemens-compatible keyboards

Save money by replacing just the keyboard rather than the complete control panel. Cut repair costs!

OXI Group offers an optimal and low-cost solution when original Siemens parts are no longer available. Give your machine control position a new façade with a new keyboard.

Once the layout has been defined, we can also supply single pieces.

Standard pc-compatible keyboards

Standard PC-compatible industrial keyboards are guaranteed to work successfully even in critical situations; the keys, fitted with a large raised surface and excellent tactile feedback, are also compatible for use with thick protective gloves.

The polyester frontpiece allows the keyboards to withstand direct exposure to an extensive range of chemicals.

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