Industrial screen printing

OXI Group’s experience of over forty years in the sector allows us to provide the highest quality standards for all industrial screen printing products: plates in anodised aluminium with relief embossing, glossy/matte finishes, polyester and/or polycarbonate plates, and adhesive plates with exclusive materials.

Polyester frontpieces

We produce polycarbonate or polyester panels for all industrial sectors using the highest quality materials and with UL certification.

The print on the back of the material allows for bright colours resistant to the most common detergents and solvents, and can be made with sample colours, with Pantone and Ral hues, and using screen printing processes, digital and off-set printing to fully meet the needs of each customer.

Industrial plates

We offer plates made with different types of materials and finishes: oxidised and silk-screened plates in aluminium and steel, three-dimensional, for cups, trophies, funeral memorials, as well as PVC, resin-treated, and pre-spaced adhesive plates, as well as roll labels.

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