True-Flat panels

Increased use of touch screens in “Operator Panels” has led our company to develop a True Flat technology that allows the touch screen to be integrated perfectly into the keyboards and panels we already produce.

Clean Room

OXI Group has a clean room with complete control of particle contamination and ultra-filtration that guarantees a very high class of decontamination.

The lamination and assembly operations of display systems are performed inside the clean room.

The Touch Screen

With the use of innovative materials and control of an ad hoc production process, it is now possible to perfectly laminate the touch screen on the polyester substrate; in addition to systematically solving the mechanical problems of touch screen assembly, this application ensures very high sensitivity to touch, avoiding contamination or infiltration directly on touch screens.

In recent years, the market has called for the touch screen to be perfectly bonded (laminated) to the polyester frontpiece that covers the panel, or applied directly to the transparent window of the keyboard’s display area.

Panel Machining

Precise machining of the aluminium panel using latest-generation machines allows us to obtain high-quality milling, giving the panel an exclusive look.

The dedicated staff’s decade of experience facilitates a near perfect assembly of the touch device to the panel, thereby creating a product of great prestige.


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