Touch Systems

Touch systems are the latest evolution in Oxi Group’s research and development field.

The wide-ranging possibility of aesthetic and electronic customisation meets every design and operating need, enabling the creation of an object that can be perfectly integrated with the design context.


Always attentive to technological developments in the HMI world, OXI Group is constantly working on developing integrated systems and implementing hardware and software technologies on display systems in order to meet every need of a variety of industrial sectors.

OXI Group’s research and development division studies and designs smart systems that can make human-machine communications easy and immediate.

Voice commands, touch display, wireless sharing, input/output management, all integrated by devices with Artificial Intelligence (AI), are the next objectives that OXI Group is preparing for.

Smart Touch Keyboards

In all contexts calling for “easy and intuitive” HMI, OXI Group designs touch devices with an elegant design and high-performance technologies.

These are integrated devices consisting of a customised silk-screened glass lance cover tailor made to the customer’s design, capacitive touch, a display and a hardware platform adaptable to customer needs, in order to ensure display, communication and backlight functionality.

The entire device is assembled in a clean room with latest-generation technologies.

Clean Room

OXI Group has a clean room with complete control of particle contamination and ultra-filtration that guarantees a very high class of decontamination.

The lamination and assembly operations of display systems are performed inside the clean room.

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