Control electronics for capacitive systems

The know-how acquired allows Oxigroup’s Electronics Division to maintain a prominent position in the market in the design and development of electronic boards ranging from power conversion, phase-shifting systems, speed controllers for asynchronous motors as well as battery charging and solar systems.

Extensive experience has also been gained in the field of power bus communication (Powerline) and intelligent power conversion modules.

The company, following the evolution of the market also in the field of visualisation, has extended its expertise in the development of capacitive touch panel controls.

The technological step away from resistive technology, which is still widely used today, has become necessary in many areas where it has limitations, including:

  • Poor touch sensitivity (a certain amount of pressure must be applied)
  • Reduced brightness or the thick top layer creates less clarity for the display
  • Scratch-prone screen material
  • Inability to recognise several touches simultaneously (multi-touch)


Capacitive technology achieves higher performance but requires advanced levels of electronic design to define and take care of all aspects of operation.

Products derived from superficial designs could lead to drawbacks in use such as lack of touch recognition, interference with electromagnetic fields, etc.

In addition to the complexities of hardware development, there is also the need to create firmware, which, by means of complex algorithms, is able to make the system immune to all possible environmental conditions.



Only a good design of the electronic board, experience gained in the field, and the mastery of dedicated electronic controls, makes it possible to obtain products with cutting-edge performance.

Sipe, thanks to the strong experience gained above all in the Horeca, Vending and Medical sectors, is able to support complex projects and always maintain a high degree of reliability over time.



Having complete mastery of all hardware and firmware aspects allows the application to be configured and optimised according to project requirements.

Our developers are able to support the customer in the creation of graphics with advanced and impressive animations.

The synergy with the parent company Oxi Group enables teamwork in the development of the finished product. All parts of the capacitive system are manufactured in-house starting with the design of the ‘coverlance’, guiding the customer in the choice of the most suitable materials and thicknesses according to the application and the environmental context.



The fact of being able to follow the entire process for the creation of the finished system in-house, from concept to sample, makes it possible to evaluate all the intrinsic aspects of the application and find quick and effective answers to the various situations.


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