The Growth of Oxi Group

Over the past few years, Oxigroup has continued its growth path geared towards technological development and maximum customer satisfaction:

We have renewed the digital printing department with the acquisition of new machines that represent the best of existing technology, guaranteeing quality and performance of absolute value.

We have added to the mechanical department “flatbed” milling machines that allow us to process large format plastic sheets.

We incorporated an electronic board design and production company, which has now become the Electronics Division of our group. Electronic design and production is combined with Oxigroup’s design and human-machine interface, creating a reality that is able to create ‘tailor-made‘ embedded systems. The production of electronic boards is also becoming a very important asset for our group in which we see significant growth margins in the near future.

We have enlarged and reorganised the Formigine factory, equipping it with highly technological systems for the creation of human-machine interfaces based on the latest touch technologies.

In the Cadriano plant, we are building infrastructure and setting up new spaces to facilitate the integration of the electronics division mentioned above.

The company has already mandated the construction of a photovoltaic plant, again in the Cadriano plant, and, more generally, with the support of appropriate professionalism, has embarked on a virtuous path towards ESG sustainability objectives to be pursued over the next five years, setting itself the goal of becoming ‘carbon neutral‘ by 2027.

We are also studying the introduction of an ethical code of conduct to be adopted and pursued for all stakeholders and employees, this together with the continuous investment in Research and Development, and the adoption, at the same time, of an adequate organisational and management set-up to meet the challenges that await us and always give you the best possible service.

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