Membrane keyboards, highly reliable devices

Membrane keyboards are still one of the most reliable man-machine interfaces on the market today.

The touch world has certainly influenced the choices of many designers today in choosing the most fascinating device for their application without taking into account the advantages and disadvantages that a touch interface can have.

Oxi Group started producing membrane keyboards at the end of the 80’s and since then it has become more and more specialized in the research of the best materials and the most performing production processes in order to satisfy the market demand that was increasing exponentially year by year, up to the present day 1300/1400 finished products per day.

Over the years many screen printing companies have tried to adapt their screen printing process to the production of membrane keyboards as the circuit part and the graphic front are made with this process. Unfortunately, however, not all of them have studied and invested in the more technical aspects of the product, creating test and control systems that could certify its quality and durability over time.

Today, however, the membrane keyboard can be considered a highly reliable product with a very convenient quality/price ratio for all those applications that require its use and where the tactile sensation is necessary for the user. There are still many sectors where membrane keyboards are the ideal interface, just think of scales, safes, measuring devices, electromedical, control electronics, etc..

Oxi Group thanks to the experience gained over the years, starting from the specific needs of customers, provides all its know-how to guide the customer towards the best and most appropriate solution.

Membrane keyboards are made from a set of flexible materials held together by double-sided adhesive tape, the low final thickness of the product still confirms its use even on particularly difficult surfaces. Also the tactile effect of the keys is another peculiarity of membrane keyboards, the fact that different feedback can be obtained allows each user to choose the one that best suits their typing.

The choice of the front material, where the graphics are printed on the back, is another important aspect when thinking of a membrane keyboard, there are different materials in polyester or polycarbonate that, depending on the surface treatment, give the keyboard a special touch feeling. There are even polyesters with antimicrobial treatments, particularly topical in health emergency situations.

Thanks to the latest screen printing technologies or digital printers, it is possible to recreate desired effects and colours by integrating logos and nomenclatures.

The front panel at the keys can be thermoformed to ensure better localization of the functions.

The great experience that today Oxi Group can offer to its customers in providing a membrane keyboard is certainly a guarantee of quality and reliability, our technical offices are always available to collaborate in the best choices in order to produce the keyboard in full respect of our customers’ expectations.

The final solution can be configured in different ways:

  • Flexible circuit or FR4 rigid PCB that can integrate control electronics and connectors.
  • Different materials of the front panel can be complemented by an aluminium or glass plated support for a simple mechanical integration.
  • SMD status indication LEDs integrated and protected by resin to ensure watertightness and tightness to the most severe environments.
  • Integration with anti-reflective transparent areas for true flat panels and displays.

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