The optical bonding process

The optical bonding process allows the perfect gluing of the glass of a display to a glass (cover lens) on which a graphic frame, a logo, or any color decoration can be placed.

The advantage of this technology, in addition to ensuring a great robustness to the device, gives it a better brightness by favoring the sharpness of the images.

The normal TFT LCD displays are particularly sensitive to reflections caused by direct sunlight or particularly bright applications, the perfect lamination between a glass and the display, through optical bonding, ensures greater contrast and makes the screen more visible in outdoor and very bright environments.





Another very important advantage for devices assembled with optical bonding technology is that it prevents dust and any liquid from coming into contact with the display screen and, above all, does not allow condensation to form between the various layers of the display in environments with large fluctuations in temperature or variable humidity.
As a result, these devices are particularly suitable for outdoor applications or particularly harsh environments where temperature and humidity cannot be kept constant.


What is very important is that the optical bonding process allows a wide customization of touch and display devices; OXI Group is able to assist the customer in designing the shape, graphics and dimensions of the glass panel based on the display and the mechanical needs of the user. We work with clear or extra clear glass up to 4-5 mm thick, with anti-glare treatments, chemically hardened or tempered.


To offer you the best and most attractive solution, our team is at disposal to support the development of your devices and touch panels.

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