• Industrial serigraphy

    Industrial panels, front polyester, off-set printing, industrial plates, perimeter tables.

  • Keyboards

    Adesive keyboards, with rigid support, backlighted, capacitive, in silicon rubber, touch screen panels, mechanical pushbuttons, click inox.

  • Standard keyboards

    Industrial keyboards PC compatible.

OXI Group is specialized in the production of membrane keypads, aluminum plates, perimeter tables and plaques adhesive.

OXI Srl has been created in 1974.
Since the beginning OXI is engaged in serigraphic sector, specializing itself in the process of aluminum sheets to obtain plates and panels.

Meanwhile, the acquired expertise in desing and graphic phases, has guided OXI to a natural strategy of diversification entering in the electronic field and specializing itself also in the production of keyboard.
The 40 years of activity to service of enterprises have been passed under the mark of the technological and productive renovation that allows OXI to present itself as a society able to offer products of quality that satisfy every expectation of an exigent customer, national or international, which enumerate prestigious names in sectors of Vending, Fitness, Automotive, Home appliances, and Electromechanics.

Therefore, the path of acquisition in 2010 of Grafos know-how has been a natural consequence, and then the new Grafos Keyboard has been created and this has guided to the birth of OXI Group Srl. So a new group has been created and it is destined to become the main reference point in the world in industrial serigraphy and keyboards through the union of two extremely specialized societies dedicated to the maximum quality of the product and of the service offered on the market.